M-city 개발사업 계획설계 2012

M-city complex 2012

a=104,790㎡ / location=daegu, korea

A huge complex that spans everything Mega city Contains nature, people, and culture. A forest that presents a refreshing day and a stream flowing with clear streams, becomes a complex that becomes a nature in itself. Eco-Lawn, an eco-community space located just in the center, and a combination of residents and nature provide a space to enjoy various leisure activities. Green rooftop, a green view that overlooks the whole complex, and a connection with neighborhood facilities.

It is located on the main road, which is composed of the main elements of Sol-avenue, pine tree symbolizing pine trees and symbolic plantation.

The various kinds of superpowers and sculptures give different kinds of fun to the residents. Sky pond, a pond that offers spectacular views of the sky and Blue Island, an unusual space reminiscent of an island surrounded by water, bringing the whole sky to life and refreshment with Sky pond and Blue island,