16-ulsan baseball park 울산 문수 야구장 실시설계 2012

Ulsan Munsu Baseball Park 2012

a=62,987㎡ / location=ulsan, korea

Bring the dynamic vibe of the green stadium, a natural stadium surrounded by green. Green Link, an open square where nature and people meet to inform of the beginning of pleasure, Community Circle Outdoor rest area with enjoyable meeting where people and people come together, Enjoy Culture, Lawn stand which is a sensible cultural space to enjoy local culture and enjoy leisure time .

Characteristically, dolphin sculptures and wooden backscreens were built. On the day when there was no competition, the lawn stands were opened to allow local residents to enjoy picnics and leisure activities.

Ulsan Munsu Baseball Stadium is a place for development of local culture and rest and relaxation, where you can enjoy various games from the outfield and lawn stands and enjoy different colors of baseball. It brings baseball to fans and relaxation and nature to local people. It is formed as a complex cultural space where nature, culture, and people are united.