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경남합숙소 현상설계 2013

Gyeongnam Trainning Camp 2013

a=17,186㎡ / location=changwon, korea

It is a nature-friendly complex that is formed by a gorge-shaped gap formed between divided buildings, and the surrounding natural environment is introduced into the earth. As a result, it is easy to move to various landscape viewpoints and to conform to the shape of the low- I set up a free movement plan. By arranging available spaces along the copper lines, we plan to create a sensible cultural space that will revitalize space and purify the mind and body.

Based on this, we have created a relaxation space that provides comfort to our employees by always maintaining comfort. We also applied local species for healthy growth and harmony with the prefecture mountains to reflect the locality. Various planting techniques such as multi- And scenery, and recycled rainwater, natural purification through water purification plants, etc., to create an eco-friendly space for cost reduction and energy saving realization. Above all, we have introduced various programs to the promenade, the central plaza, and the exercise space so that the facility can be used with friends in consideration of users.

One-person room One community out of individualism Green Route is rooted in the role of providing a space that communicates with the employees’ resting place in the sense that the employees who create a solid body in the shape of an efficient circulation system resembling a root reside It is the root of our head office, both semantically and locally.