Banpo Jugong 1,2,4 Jugu Hyundai The Claest 2017


“The birth of another civilization that connects the past and the present”, “The forest path of the kingdom where the wisdom of the millennium breathes, the forest that prepares a rich future with vitality of the nature” The symbol of the royal house _ Gugong tree forest, the king’s favorite tree _ Bongo forest, hear the sound of falling water _ Geumgangsong forest, Wisdom in the water, We have created a wise king’s forest through Banpo’s unique forest design.

The master sits on the art. In the distance of the master, the streets become a huge gallery through collaboration with the master, the white lion sculptures give the best sculptures of Banpo, and the artist creates an art complex where everyday life can be enjoyed in a chair designed by the master himself. And designed the birth of another great civilization that will last 100 years with pleasant complex design through climate optimization design.

A huge dinosaur figurine-shaped children’s house that can raise imagination is a landmark-type playground in the complex. Dinosaur-shaped playhouses hanging on trees become azit stimulating children’s emotions, We designed a family play space.